Over the years, Jathiswara School of Dance and Music has also grabbed the attention of the media. Listed below are the news articles covering Jathiswara students performances. Some of the articles are hosted on their respected Newspaper’s website. Others are scans of newspaper clippings that have been transcribed and digitized for your convenience.

  • The Gainesville Sun – September 7th, 2013

    Recital shows off classic Indian dance

    Rhea Bansal’s grandfather used to love watching Bharatanatyam dancers when he was in India. So, when Rhea showed an interest in dancing, he pushed her to learn… Read more

  • The Gainesville Sun – September 26th, 2009

    Ten-day Hindu festival draws far-flung families together

    When you walk into the Gainesville home of Krishnaswami and Mathura Alladi, your eyes immediately dart to the right, toward the bright display of the puja room, or prayer room, adorned with 20 frames of Hindu gods and goddesses, neon-colored flowers, burning incense and kolam, or rice flower stencils… Read more

  • The Gainesville Sun – May 6th, 2009

    Bharathanatyam classical dance of India recital comes to Oak Hall

    On Saturday, the Jathiswara School of Dance and Music presents its Third Annual Recital of Bharathanatyam classical dance of India. Admission to the 4 p.m. performance, to be held at Oak Hall High School’s Cofrin Theatre, is free. The recital features 16 students from Jacksonville and Gainesville. The performers are all students of Mathura Alladi, director of Jathiswara School… Read more

  • The Gainesville Sun – March 22nd, 2009

    Telling a story through dance

    Priti Walla, 7, plays the Hindu God Krishna during a performance of the Krishna Leela, choreographed by Mathura Alladi, during lndia Fest 2009 at Santa Fe College on Saturday. At back is Reeha Patel, 6… Read more

  • The Hindu – March 20th, 2009

    Emotions are universal

    This is a story written by the Mathura Alladi’s daughter, Amritha Alladi – The Andal Pasuram is a collection of poems in praise of Lord Vishnu, written by the young Kodhai, who was later revered as the only female saint among the twelve Azhwars. In “Vaaranam Aayiram,” Andal describes to her friend a dream of the wedding of her marriage to Lord Ranganatha… Read more

  • Gainesville Sun – February, 26th, 2006

    India fest 2006

    An article clipping about Indiafest… Read more.

  • Gainesville Sun – March 23th, 2005

    India fest 2005

    India Fest 2005 celebration on the grounds of Santa Fe Community College’s northwest campus. Each year, the India Cultural and Education Center, which sponsors the festival, comes up with a different theme to teach Westerners about India… Read more

  • The Gainesville Sun – September 2nd, 2004

    Local United Nations group host fund-raiser

    An article clipping depicting Amritha Alladi. Read more

  • The Gainesville Sun – December 12, 2003

    Day devoted to India: Cultural center organizes tribute to tradition

    Sravya R. Keremane, 13, from left, Upuli Dissanayake, 12, and mira patella, 10, laugh… Read more

  • The Gainesville Sun – November 13th, 2003

    8th grader excels at dance, academics

    The United States Achievement Academy has conferred Shruthi Rajarajan… Read more

  • The Gainesville Sun – August 18, 2002

    Youth group celebrates India’s independence

    A girl in an orange and green sari and jeweled headband high-fived friends in blue jeans and backpacks while diners washed down their chole, bundi and batura with Coke – a merging of India and America at a celebration Saturday… Read more

  • The Florida Times Union – May 22, 2002

    Hindu Society brings India culture to area

    While religion, customs and clothing may vary dramatically from culture to culture, it seems that great food always equals a great time. This was definitely the case for the Hindu Society of Northeast Florida’s India Fest, which was held Saturday at the Hindu Temple on U.S. 17 in Orange Park… Read more

  • Star Banner – January 28th, 2002

    Yoga classes taught at hall

    An article clipping from the Star Banner… Read More

  • Gainesville Sun – October 4th, 2001

    India revealed

    An article clipping about Indiafest… Read more

  • NatyaRasa – The Essence of Dance

    A Blog by Amritha Alladi

    Natyarasa explores the expression of Indian identity outside the subcontinent. It follows trends in the learning, teaching and performing of Indian dance for Western audiences today.Read more