Students of Jathiswara School presented a dance program on at the auspices of CHiTra (The Center for the Study of Hindu Traditions) on Feb. 27th, 2011 at P.K. Yonge School auditorium. Synopsis of the Story of Andal:

Nachiyar means Consort of Lord Narayana. Sri Andal gave the Lord both Poomaalai as well as Paamaalai. Poomalai means Garland of Flowers and Paamalai means Garland of Poetry expressing Her longing and love for the Lord.
The program began with the finding of baby Andal in the Tulasi forest by Vishnu Chithar. Andal grows to be a beautiful lady and from an young age she begins to worship Lord Narayana or Sri Krishna and desires that she is wedded to him. She wears the garland tied for the Lord imagining herself to be spouse of her master. Her father scolds her for wearing the garland that was meant for the Lord. But he later hears a voice of the Lord saying that he would be pleased to be Andal’s husband. So from that point onwards, Andal starts to dream of the day of her wedding and observes a penance and starts composing poems about Lord Narayana. Andal finds Krishna at Vrindavan and marries him in Srirangam, the sacred pilgrim center in Tamil Nadu.